the benefits of outsourcing typing

Small businesses may outsource their typing due to limited in-house staff and office space. Larger companies, however, may use an outsourced typing service to help staff manage their daily duties more effectively and to cut costs hiring and training a temp.

Outsourcing typing services can provide a range of long and short term benefits. For example, you will save money by not paying for:

  • holiday
  • sick leave
  • pension
  • healthcare
  • overtime
  • national insurance
  • temps
  • agency fees
  • office overheads
  • training
  • computer maintenance
  • idle time
  • office space
  • and more

Without these expenses, your business will further benefit from:

  • more time for existing staff to manage and fulfil their daily duties
  • lower expenses; savings can be passed on to your customers
  • emergency cover for absent typists, secretaries, admin staff
  • more office space
  • extra capital for investment elsewhere in your business
  • opportunity to expand without needing to take on extra staff
  • a general increase in efficiency
  • more time to focus on other aspects of your business

What is the overwhelming benefit? A reliable, highly trained and experienced typist, available just when you need one.

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