typing services terms & conditions

The following terms, conditions and declarations, whilst not exhaustive, provide an overview of my standard trading Terms and Conditions, a full copy of which is supplied with all quotations, estimates, invoices and booking forms.

  • New clients will be asked to sign and return a basic Booking Form which requests name, address and general contact details. The form contains a confidentiality clause and is accompanied by my standard trading Terms and Conditions upon which I intend to rely. All clients are encouraged to read the Terms and Conditions and are invited to ask any questions regarding any unclear terms, conditions or declarations.
  • Payment is accepted by electronic money transfer, online banking, BACS or cheque (time must be allowed for cheque clearance).
  • Estimates and quotations are valid for 30 days from date of issue and are offered as a guideline only. These are accompanied by my standard Terms and Conditions.
  • Expenses, such as telephone calls, stationery, postage, packaging, printing, couriers, discs, memory sticks, etc., are in addition and charged for separately.
  • For new clients, invoices must be settled in full before release of finished typed documents.
  • For new clients or large typing projects, full payment or a deposit may be required in advance of work commencing.
  • For projects where the work is charged for on a per 1,000 words basis, alterations requested following completion of the project will be extra and chargeable at my standard hourly rate at that time.
  • Time billed for is calculated at 15 minute intervals, with time rounded up to the nearest quarter of an hour.
  • Minimum invoice amount is for 1 hour in any one calendar month.
  • Payment terms are strictly 14 days.
  • I reserve the right to charge 4% above the Bank of England base rate on late payments.
  • As a provider of bespoke commissioned services, BrightVA Typing Services does not operate a refund policy.
  • Final proofreading and checking of all work supplied is the client's responsibility. Notification of errors must be made within 14 working days of receipt of completed work (typist errors will be amended free of charge). Client-requested alterations will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

Please ask if you require any further clarification on my standard trading Terms & Conditions.

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